Creaghan Harry Life

March 29, 2009

Creaghan Harry has had 15 years of experience in several industries.  His career began by creating a state of the art database called the American Aviation Directory.  This consistently updated database consisted of a complete file of all aircraft and owners with specification on every aircraft in over 160 countries worldwide along with a database of aircraft professionals and licensed pilots.  The International Aviation Directory and the AirCD became the #1 source for aircraft data in the world with thousands of customers that were the who’s who of the Aviation Industry.  This publication was followed by other industry publications, including The American Boating Directory and the Surplus Closeout Finder, The Surplus Buyers Guide, the AirCD and more.
Seeing the growth and demand for call center services, in 1996 Creaghan started a customer service call center in Florida supporting the aviation and several other industries.  This company later branched off to create offices in Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Panama, Philippines and Nicaragua, supporting companies like Bellsouth/ATT, Cox Cable, Allstate, Time Warner Cable, Kaplan University and many more.

Creaghan Harry still remains a wealth of information and always on the cutting edge of technology and marketing and is called on by his colleagues on an ongoing basis for his input on how to develop concepts and ideas.